This page contens the list of manufacturers whose goods are offered by TEMPUS Co.

Under this trade mark we supply in ČR and SR goods from distinguished manufacturers from all over the world in best quality and reasonable prices. Out of some products we contribute some amount to fund 'Drop of Hope'.

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YOROPEN is world wide acknowledged trade mark of unique, revolution and flexible writing instruments. Writing instruments YOROPEN with specific, revolutionary and ergonometric design are unique and only one on world market. This sophisticated and patented design has been developed by YOROPEN Co. together with world wide known pedagogical experts for dysgraphia and graphomotoric. Using YOROPEN writing instruments guarantee correct graphomotoric fashions and strongly anticipates dysgraphical troubles. Uniqueness of YOROPEN writing instruments is in that fact, that they are suitable for left and write hand writers. Thanks to this characteristic and unique designe this writing instruments has been awarded by many medals on world Fairs. Tempus co. has exclusive sales agreement for ČR and SR since 2006.

Animation will apprice you with most interesting features of new writing instruments:

Optimální držení pera / Optimal pen holdign
Psaní levou rukou / Left hand writing
Nastavitelný grip / Adjustable grip
Viditelná plocha při psaní / Visible image of writing area
Výměna náplně / Refil replacement
Výměna tuhy / Lead replacement

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Manufacturer and distributor of very good quality of school and office supplies. Milan Co. has been established in 1918 as Spain family company. Milan is traditional world manufacturer of rubber erasers. They export their products into 90 countries also under another trade mark - Factis. Tempus s.r.o. has exclusive rights of sale of Milan and Factis products since 2000.

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Dong-A co. je Korean manufacturer of writing instruments established on 1946. Modern technology of production and inovation of goods, classify this company among prominent world wide manufacturers of writing instruments. Dong-A co. produce writing instruments for prominent companies under their own trade marks as Mitsubishi, Bero, Pilot etc.
Tempus s.r.o. has exclusive rights of sale in ČR and SR since 2000.

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Universal S.p.A. is Italian company established on 1948 in Torino and is biggest manufacturer of writing instruments in Italy, where has a big portion of local market. Modern designe and high quality allows company to export to all over the world. Tempus s.r.o. distributes their products since 1993.

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Writin instruments from traditional czech manufacturer is not necessary to introduce. Trade mark Centropen is synonymum for writing instruments. Tempus s.r.o. is authorized distributor since 2000.

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Regal Curio co. is manufacturer of high quality whole metal writing instruments, which are packed into gift etuies.
High quality and servis including guarantee and favourable prices guaranties long life use and good satisfaction. Tempus s.r.o. has exclusive rights of sale for ČR and SR since 2005.

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9. Instant
Glues and correction resources of Instant co. are turned out in Spain, Barcelona. Products in high quality and reasonable prices are successfully distributed in whole Europe and are competitive to prestigious competitors. Tempus s.r.o. distributes in ČR a SR since 2002.

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10. Kangaro
Kagaro Kanin is traditional manufacturer of staplers and punchers since 1949. Rugged design together with glossy design with long life durability builded up good position in world markets. Tempus s.r.o. distributes in ČR and SR since 2006.

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